We believe English teachers who can change themselves can change the English education in Japan. That's why we keep on studying. If teachers can change themselves, students can change. Students will follow the teachers.

Founded in 1975, ACROSS is a non-profit, self-funded organization of English teachers in Japan, with its main objective to design, organize, and implement a variety of programs for the professional development of its members. Along with its headquarters in Osaka, ACROSS also has charters in Tokyo, and Hiroshima. Currently, ACROSS has a membership of approximately 70 Japanese English teachers, the majority of whom are teaching at middle schools and high schools in Japan.

We believe English teachers should not stick to the status quo.We are always progressing. That's why we have three -year training course. We also believe we must keep on studying throughout our lives.

ACROSS' primary program is the Three-Year Training Course, which consists of (1) English Pronunciation Training (1st Year), (2) English Drama Practice (2nd Year), and (3) Speech Making Practice (3rd Year). In particular, the method of pronunciation training, with its emphasis on diaphragm breathing, is unique to ACROSS and is called our "Nakatsu Method," named after Ms. Ryoko Nakatsu, founder of ACROSS and author of the famous book English for What? (Nande Eigo Yaruno?) Each member attends the respective training sessions held once a week or once every two weeks. Monthly general meetings at each chapter are also attended by the members.

We believe we should have cross-cultural awareness as English teachers. That's why we keep on visiting other countries.

For 25 years, ACROSS has been holding its annual national summer seminar (4 days), open to non-members as well, and so far over 2,000 English teachers have participated in the seminar. Each chapter sponsors its annual intensive workshop (3-4 days) to cater to the members and non-members in the region. The first seminar overseas was held in the United States in 1996, and the second in the United Kingdom in 2001.

Cross-cultural programs are also sponsored by ACROSS. In 1987, the First ACROSS Asian Tour was organized and 20 members visited South Korea. The program included school visits, home stay at Korean teachers' homes, and field work. Similar tours have been organized to Taiwan (1988), Indonesia (1990), Thailand (1991), China (1992, 1993 and 1999), Nepal (1997) and Korea (1998), and approximately 120 teachers have participated in this cross-cultural exchange program. In 1992, a group of Thai teachers visited Osaka as a reciprocal visit and were hosted by ACROSS members. The last Asian Tour was to visit Mongolia (2000).

To support our activities we have the following advisers;
Senior adviser
Dr.. Koji Igawa , President, Institute of English Language Education, Osaka YMCA
Dr. Rod Ellis, Professor, University of Auckland
Dr. Bill Gay, a former Professor, Temple University
Dr. Sandy McKay, Professor, San Francisco University
Dr. Steven Gaies , Professor, University of Northern Iowa

Toshiyuki Fujisawa (Vice President of Across)